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Rose Green

Arrangements for Autumn Term 2020 

It has been great to have all our children back at school this term.

Parents may download a quick reference guide of all the key points to remember, which can be displayed on the fridge by clicking here.

Start & Finish Times

We need to ensure that parents and children are carrying out social distancing when arriving and leaving our school site.  As a result, we will have staggered start and finish times to reduce the amount of congestion.  The new start and finish times are as follows:

Arrival From: Start Time: Finish Time
Year 6 8.30am 8.40am 3.05pm
Year 5 8.35am 8.45am 3.10pm
Year 4 8.40am 8.50am 3.05pm
Year 3 8.45am 8.55am 3.10pm

Parents with siblings:  you may drop off all your children at your eldest child's time (ie. the earliest time).  Just to clarify, your younger children will not be stood waiting on their own, they will go straight into their classroom where their teacher will be waiting for them.

Parents with children at the Infant School:  initially, both schools tried to work out the timings so there would be no crossover, however it was very difficult to make it work without children losing learning time.  If your drop off timings clash with the Infants, then drop your child earlier, but not before 8.30am.

Arrival & Collection Arrangements

Parents and children can enter the school site from the pedestrian entrance on the far left when you look at the front the school, nearest the field.  Parents may walk their child onto the playground before your child enters the school building via their classroom door.  Parents can leave the site following the one-way system.  The same arrangements will apply at the end of the day.  Please keep the number of people on our site to a minimum and keep all younger siblings with you and not allow them to run around.  Please could parents be positive role models of displaying good social distancing and avoid gathering in large groups.

Uniform & PE Kit

We will be back to wearing full school uniform in September.  Children will not need to bring in their PE kit to school.  Instead, to reduce changing and to make it easier for washing, children will need to wear their PE kit to and from school on the two days they are due to have their PE lessons each week.  

Children are able to wear tracksuit trousers and tracksuit top over the top of their PE kit in colder weather - tracksuits will need to be black please.  JW Sports in Bognor Regis, who stock our uniform, do sell black tracksuits if you are unable to find one.  

During the first week (w/b 07/09/20) children are to wear their school uniform on every day.  No PE kits to be worn during this week.

From the second week (w/b 14/09/20), children will need to start wearing their PE kits to school on their designated days, as listed below:

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Monday
Wednesday Friday Friday Tuesday

Bicycles & Scooters

Children may ride their bicycle or scooter to school as normal.  Bicycles and scooters must not be ridden whilst on the school premises and must be pushed to and from the school gate.  Only one child will be allowed in the bicycle shed at a time.

What will my child need to bring to school?

As little as possible!  

  • Water Bottle;
  • Packed lunch (unless they have hot lunch);
  • Book Bag;
  • Coat;
  • No PE kit, as these will be worn on their designated day;
  • Children may bring a small rucksack to carry the above.

Communication with staff

Parents will be unable to enter the school building and we ask that communication from parents with their class teacher is carried out by email in the first instance.  You will receive your class teacher's email address in due course.  The school office can also be emailed.

Children with medication

Medication can be brought to the foyer in the front entrance where office staff will instruct you further.  Parents are unable to come into the main reception area.

Does my child need to attend school?

Yes.  From when we open, attendance is compulsory unless:  your child is unwell; they are isolating because they are displaying symptoms; they are isolating because another family member is showing symptoms; or they have an underlying medical condition which classifies them as extremely clinically vulnerable.  Having had so much time away from school over the last six months makes it even more important to have good attendance.