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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.


Rose Green

Transition: Year 2 to Year 3

Any changes for a child between schools and for some children between classes can be difficult.

For this reason, we manage transition very carefully so as to make the process easier and less daunting for each individual child.

When do I apply for a place at Rose Green Junior to start in Year 3?

All parents of children in Year 2 in Infant schools will receive an application form by the end of September after starting in Year 2.

This form will have already listed the nearest schools for your child based upon catchment area. Parents are asked to list three schools, in preferential order, and then return by a date normally in January.

Is it possible to visit the school before I make the final decision?

Yes absolutely.

We hold an information evening for prospective parents and children in the second half of the autumn term each year, before the January deadline to apply. Parents and children have an opportunity to meet staff and have a tour of the school. In addition, prospective parents are always very welcome to book an appointment to visit the school at any other time.

When will I know which school my child has been allocated?

Parents are normally informed of their allocated school by the Local Authority by the end of April each year ready for September.

How is transition managed?

We ensure children transferring into Year 3 are as familiar with the school and their new teachers as is possible.

We organise several opportunities for the Year 2 children to visit us and become involved in school life prior to starting with us in September.

These activities include:

  • Children in Year 2 at Rose Green Infant School are invited to watch school performances by Years 3, 4 and 5.
  • A buddy morning – a shared reading activity with a year 3 buddy, tour of the school and a shared playtime with year 3.
  • Joint sports afternoon with Year 3, led by Year 6 children.
  • Teacher visit to Rose Green Infants School for a question and answer session.
  • Year 2 assembly with Mr Craig.
  • Additional visit and tour for children with specific needs.
  • Induction day where Year 2 children spend the day in their new classes with their new teacher.
  • A meeting between Year 2 and Year 3 teachers to share relevant information regarding the children e.g. strengths and areas for development.
  • Special Educational Needs meeting between the SENCOs of each school to ensure continued support.
  • New entrants parents evening – see your child’s new classroom, meet their teacher and find out information about the school.
  • Learning mentors work with specific children who find transition difficult on entry to Year 3.

Will you communicate with my child’s previous school?


There are many meetings between teaching staff and senior staff during the summer term to ensure all relevant information is passed on (this applies to schools in the local area). Schools outside the local area will normally communicate via email or telephone as well as sending on any relevant pupil records.