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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.


Rose Green

School Structure

We are a Junior School, which means that our children start in Year 3, when they are aged 7, and leave at the end of Year 6, when they are aged 11.

The majority of our children join us from Rose Green Infant School, however our Pupil Admission Number (PAN) is higher than the Infant School (96), so there are children who join us in Year 3 from other schools from within and outside the local area.

There are three classes in each Year Group, which range from 28-33 children. All classes have a qualified teacher and teaching assistants are deployed to each Year group to provide additional support. Each year group has a Year Leader who is part of the school Leadership Team and, by working with the rest of the staff in the year group, ensure that children's needs are being met across the year group be it academically, socially, emotionally etc, and work strategically to deploy staff to meet children's needs. As a result, children may be grouped and taught by different staff members in order to target children's learning more effectively. For example, fluid groupings may be used in phonics and other core subjects where children are grouped across the year group.

Teachers' Planning, Preparation & Assessment (PPA) Time

By law, all teachers must receive 10% non-contact time to carry out lesson planning, preparation and assessment of children. At our school, this time is covered using directly employed staff, including Mr Cooper, Mrs Gent, Mrs Lott, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Homer.

For more information on staff arrangement, their roles and responsibilities, see our Staffing page.