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Rose Green

Admission Arrangements' Consultation

We are currently consulting with regards to our School Admission Arrangements for pupil admissions from September 2022.

We have made a change to our Oversubscription Criteria. Instead of having two different criteria for siblings living in or out of catchment, we have made a change that all siblings will be considered under one criterion.  This is because it causes problems for parents where an older sibling is already at the school and the younger sibling does not get a place and are allocated a different school.  It can be very challenging for parents to drop off and collect children in two schools at once and can cause complications with the child’s attendance and punctuality.  


We are inviting comments and feedback from staff members, parents, local schools & nurseries, local residents, the Local Authority and any other persons or groups that would like to make a comment.


The consultation period is from 12th October to 4th December 2020.


Please take time to read through our Admissions Arrangements and inform us of any comments you may wish to make.


The Admission Arrangements can be viewed here Admission Policy Consultation 2020


Feedback forms are available here Feedback Forms can be posted to the school or e-mailed to: office@rosegreenjunior.co.uk by Friday 4th December 2020.