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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.


Rose Green

Catch Up Premium

Following school closures during lockdown in 2020, we have received some funding to support children 'catch up' with their lost learning.

First and foremost, children receive quality first teaching in class from their own class teacher.  We continuously assess children's performance in class, the quality of work in their books as well as some formal testing in order to gain a full 360 degree picture of each child, whilst identifying their strengths as well as their learning needs.  Teachers use this information to accurately target areas of need within the classroom and is incorporated into their everyday teaching.

Whole class and Year Group teaching units are planned based upon what children need to know as well as personalising learning within the classroom to individual groups of children depending upon their learning need.

In order to further supplement this, we use the Catch up Premium to support the teaching and learning of children and in particular, by running short, targeted intervention groups with identified children on specific areas of need.  These interventions run in all Year Groups and run for a maximum of six weeks.  Whilst in these groups, children are continuously tracked and assessed with the work tailored to meet the children's needs in accordance with the specific learning objective.  Our own experience has shown that the impact of intervention groups is very strong and we have a very experienced staff team to deliver these.  In addition, we also use the premium to provide emotional support, pre-teaching sessions and for learning resources. 

A copy of our Catch Up Premium Plan for 2020-21 can be found below. 

Catch Up Premium Plan 2020-21